School DofE Expeditions – Canoeing

School DofE Canoeing Expeditions

We can design a bespoke programme of training, practice and qualifying expeditions for your school. Alternatively you could choose to use one of our proven standard programmes. Either way, we are here to provide the “hassle free – one stop shop” approach to providing the DofE Expedition section to busy teachers and leaders.

Standard Programmes

DofE Bronze (6 Days)

  • 1 day pre-expedition training (at the school)
  • 3 day practice expedition
  • 2 day qualifying expedition
  • Cost £360pp (minimum 10 persons)

DofE Silver (8 Days)

  • 1 day pre-expedition training (at the school)
  • 4 day practice expedition
  • 3 day qualifying expedition
  • Cost £480pp (minimum 10 persons)

DofE Gold (12 Days)

  • 1 days pre-expedition training and planning (at the school)
  • 5 day practice expedition
  • 1 day planning and training (at the school)
  • 5 day qualifying expedition
  • Cost £720pp

What we include

  • Comprehensive pre-expedition paperwork pack for schools, participants and parents; including consent forms and kit lists etc.
  • Assistance with expedition paperwork. We will complete operating authority notifications, green forms and risk assessments.
  • Continuing support throughout your expedition programme. Your questions answered quickly!
  • High quality training, delivered at a location convenient for you.
  • Training manual and workbook for participants.
  • Supervision throughout the expeditions from experienced and friendly instructors.
  • Accredited assessors for the qualifying expedition.
  • Campsite fees.
  • Free use of our group kit.

Group Kit

We provide the following essential group and technical kit free of charge:

  • Tents
  • Stoves, Pans and Fuel
  • Group Shelters
  • First Aid Kits
  • Maps
  • Canoes
  • Canoe paddles
  • Helmets
  • Cagoules
  • Wetsuits
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Barrels

Expedition Areas

We will work with you to choose a suitable location for your group. Whether you are looking for something in your local area, or you want to visit a new and more adventurous location, we can help.

Suitable locations for Bronze and Silver expeditions may include canals or very slow moving rivers without rapids or wears. Other venues may include large lakes such as Ullswater.

Gold level expeditions should be using grade 2 rivers such as the Wye, Severn, Spey, Ardeche or similar. Very large open bodies of water such as the Caledonian Canal are also appropriate.


All training and expeditions cost £60 per person per day (minimum 10 participants per group). Our simple pricing policy makes it easy for you to manage costs.

More information

Please contact us if you would like more information.