Open DofE Gold Expedition – Walking


 Open DofE Gold Expedition – Walking
 Training & Practice or Qualifying Expedition
Your expedition – your way
Free use of group kit
Accommodation and campsites included
Friendly and experienced supervisors
 DofE accredited assessors
Only £60 deposit to secure your place
Book online with a small deposit
Full refund if expedition doesn’t run

Participant Details

The person taking part in the expedition.

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Open DofE Gold Expedition – Walking

Covid -19 information

These expeditions will only run if the following is in place

  • The campsites have been allowed to open and the ablutions block is available to campers.
  • The government has allowed overnight stays away from the main residence.
  • There are a minimum of 6 participants.

If these expeditions are unable to run due to Covid-19 restrictions all expedition fees paid to Applied Expeditions will be refunded. This includes a participant showing symptoms of Covid -19 and being required to self isolate in the preceding 14 days. Applied Expeditions is not responsible for other costs incurred due to an expedition being cancelled.

The expeditions will be made Covid-19 safe as reasonably practicable. The following steps may be taken. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Route planning will be done online before the expedition assembles or at the campsite
  • Face covering will be used when social distancing is not possible
  • Each participant will have their own map
  • Alcohol gel hand sanitiser will be available for each participant
  • Each participant will be in their own tent (it is preferable that they bring their own tent)
  • Each participant will cook individually (it is preferable that each participant brings their own cooker
  • Participants or parent for those under 18 will be required to declare that the participants have been symptom free for the preceding 14 days.


Are you looking for an Open DofE Gold Expedition – Walking?

An open expedition is for a collection of individuals who are unable to do their expedition with their own group. Our expeditions come with all the route planning and paperwork included. Come and join one of our exciting Open DofE Gold Expeditions – Walking  for individuals or small groups.

Applied Expeditions will take the stress out of your Expedition Section.

Training and Practice Expeditions

Our training follows the Gold Training Framework specified by the DofE. We teach you the skills required to embark on an expedition at this level. These may include new skills or just a refresher, either way we will make sure you are up to speed. We will also get you to plan your route and create your route card.

Once we are happy that you have the required skills you are able to embark on a 4 day practice expedition. At the end of the practice expedition you will take part in a debrief, helping you to look forward and prepare for your qualifying expedition.

Qualifying Expeditions

Our qualifying expedition starts with two days of preparation. This includes choosing your aim, planning your route, checking your kit and some group bonding. We will also take you out for a walk to help you acclimatise to the area and confirm your navigation skills. Once this is all complete you are then ready to embark on your 4 day qualifying expedition.

On completion of your expedition, you will take part in a debrief. This is a very important part of the expedition, giving you time to reflect on your achievements and those of your team mates. It’s at this point we can complete your assessor’s report for you.

To help you reflect for longer on your achievement there is also a requirement for a presentation of your expedition. Once this is completed your expedition section is complete.

Participation in shared experiences in the outdoor environment develops initiative, teamwork, communication, leadership, problem solving and organisation skills. Experiencing and overcoming challenges together develops emotional strength and empathy for others. These experiences are heightened by joining a group of strangers with a similar goal of completing their Expedition Section.

Expedition Dates and Locations

  • 26 – 31 August 2020 – Peak District – Taking Bookings
  • 17 – 23 October 2020 – Yorkshire Dales – Taking Bookings
  • 25 – 30 October 2020 – Peak District – Taking Bookings

Included in your Expedition

  • A comprehensive pre-expedition information pack.
  • Bunkhouse accommodation or campsite fees for the duration of your expedition.
  • Free use of group kit.
  • Supervision from experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Accredited Assessors for the qualifying expedition.

Available Group Kit

We provide the following essential group kit free of charge:

  • Tents (Due to Covid-19 it is preferable that the participant bring their own)
  • Stoves and fuel (Due to Covid-19 it is preferable that the participant bring their own)
  • Pan set
  • Group shelters
  • Group first aid kits
  • Maps and Compasses


Gold Expeditions – £270 per person per expedition.
A non-refundable deposit of £60 is due when you book; the remaining balance is due 1 week before your expedition.



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